The Basis:Time

The Universe is said to have emerged from the cosmic sound “Om”.It has since been expanding.However,the expansion is to turn into contraction leading to the annihilation of the universe,spanning over billions of years.This is nothing new to the Universe and will continue to happen for ages to come.This leads us to believe that the creation and destruction of the universe is a cyclic process.The Universe is now more than 155.52 trillion years(approx.).But, what is it’s time of existence relative to?

According to ancient Hindu texts(Vedas and Purana) time of existence of the universe is relative to a year for Brahma. Now,Brahma is the Hindu god,known as the Creator of the universe .One year for Brahma equals 3110.4 billion years.This is the 51st year of Bramha and is the the first time our solar system has emerged in the universe.Humanity marks its first Mahayuga(4.32 billion years).

The Hindu time,



Currently, 50 years of Brahma have elapsed. The last two Kalpa at the end of 50th year is called Padma Kalpa. We are currently in the first ‘day’ of the 51st year. This Brahma’s day, Kalpa, is named as Shveta-Varaha Kalpa. Within this Day, six Manvantaras have already elapsed and this is the seventh Manvantara, named as – Vaivasvatha Manvantara.Within the Vaivasvatha Manvantara, 27 Mahayugas (4 Yugas together is a Mahayuga), and the Krita,Treta and Dwapara Yugas of the 28th Mahayuga have elapsed. This Kaliyuga is in the 28th Mahayuga. This Kaliyuga began in the year 3102 BCE in the proleptic Julian Calendar.

So the total time elapsed since current Brahma is

155520000000000 + 1852416000 + 116640000 + 3888000 + 5118 = 155,521,972,949,118 years (one hundred fifty-five trillion, five hundred twenty-one billion, nine hundred seventy-two million, nine hundred forty-nine thousand, one hundred eighteen years) as of 2017 AD

The current Kali Yuga began at midnight 17 February / 18 February in 3102 BCE in the proleptic Julian calendar. As per the information above , only 5,118 years are passed out of 432,000 years of current Kali Yuga, and hence another 426,882 years are left to complete this 28th Kali Yuga of Vaivaswatha Manvantara.